IELTS Talking Half 2 Pattern in 2019 – Matter: Describe something you do to help you study or work

Describe one thing you do that will help you research or work

It’s best to say:

– what it’s

– the way you be taught it

– whenever you do it

– and the way you’re feeling in regards to the technique


Mannequin Reply

I’m going to inform you in regards to the factor which helps me keep targeted most: train. I usually get slowed down (busy) with work, and it looks as if I can’t keep concentrated if I don’t take a brief break to train. Pondering again, I didn’t usually train throughout my teen years, which was the interval once I did the worst in class. I consider there’s a correlation right here. Once I first beginning commonly exercising at about 18 years outdated, I used to be stunned to see how a lot my grades improved.

So, that is once I beginning incorporating this behavior into my life-style. Extra particularly, once I know I’ve to get some work achieved or research for an exam, I intentionally (purposely) set my alarm for 45 minutes earlier so I can run on my treadmill and do some mat workouts earlier than I start. Since I work remotely from dwelling, I have a tendency to do that 5 days per week, throughout my work hours. Once I fail to observe this routine of exercising earlier than work, I appear to not be capable of focus, or higher but even muster up (to get) the power to begin my day.

I really feel like a brand new individual after sweating a bit within the morning. Truly, I really feel like I wouldn’t be capable of operate with out exercise- it’s what offers me power. I really feel pleased with myself that that is what retains me targeted, as it is usually a wholesome behavior to have. I can re-charge my mind and work on my health concurrently (on the identical time)! All in all, I’m in love with this technique and it makes me really feel wonderful!

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