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Questions 14-20

Reading passage 2 has seven paragraphs, A-G. Select the proper heading for every paragraph from the record of headings under. Write the proper quantity, i-x, in packing containers 14-20 in your reply sheet

Listing of headings

i. The perfect second emigrate

ii. The unexplained rejection of nearer feeding floor

iii. The affect of climate on the migration route

iv. Bodily traits that enable birds emigrate

v. The primary cause why birds migrate

vi. The perfect wintering grounds for birds

vii. Analysis findings on how birds migrate

viii. Profitable migration regardless of hassle of wind

ix. Distinction between long-distance migration and short-distance migration

x. Mysterious migration regardless of lack of instructing

14 Paragraph A

15 Paragraph B

16 Paragraph C

17 Paragraph D

18 Paragraph E

19 Paragraph F

20 Paragraph G


A. Birds have many distinctive design options that allow them to carry out such superb feats of endurance. They’re outfitted with light-weight, hole bones, intricately designed feathers offering each elevate and thrust for fast flight, navigation programs superior to any that man has developed, and an ingenious warmth conserving design that, amongst different issues, concentrates all blood circulation beneath layers of heat, waterproof plumage, leaving them match to face life within the harshest of climates. Their respiratory programs need to carry out effectively throughout sustained flights at altitude, so that they have a system of extracting oxygen from their lungs that far exceeds that of some other animal. Throughout the later phases of the summer season breeding season, when meals is plentiful, their our bodies are capable of accumulate appreciable layers of fats, with a view to present adequate power for his or her lengthy migratory flights.

B. The basic cause that birds migrate is to search out satisfactory meals in the course of the winter months when it’s briefly provide. This notably applies to birds that breed within the temperate and Arctic areas of the Northern Hemisphere, the place meals is ample in the course of the brief rising season. Many species can tolerate chilly temperatures if meals is plentiful, however when meals shouldn’t be accessible they need to migrate. Nevertheless, intriguing questions stay.

C. One puzzling truth is that many birds journey a lot additional than can be essential simply to search out meals and good climate. No one is aware of, for example, why British swallows, which might presumably survive equally properly in the event that they spent the winter in equatorial Africa, as a substitute fly a number of hundreds of miles additional to their most well-liked winter house in South Africa’s Cape Province. One other thriller includes the large migrations carried out by arctic terns and mudflat-feeding shorebirds that breed near Polar Areas. Typically, the additional north a migrant species breeds, the additional south it spends the winter. For arctic terns this necessitates an annual spherical journey of 25,000 miles. But, en path to their closing vacation spot in far-flung southern latitudes, all these people overfly different areas of seemingly appropriate habitat spanning two hemispheres. Whereas we might not absolutely perceive birds’ causes for going to explicit locations, we will marvel at their feats.

D. One of many best mysteries is how younger birds know how you can discover the standard wintering areas with out parental steering. Only a few adults migrate with juveniles in tow, and kids might even have little or no inkling of their mother and father’ look. A well-known instance is that of the cuckoo, which lays its eggs in one other species’ nest and by no means encounters its younger once more. It’s thoughts boggling to contemplate that, as soon as raised by its host species, the younger cuckoo makes it personal approach to ancestral wintering grounds within the tropics earlier than returning single-handedly to northern Europe the subsequent season to hunt out a mate amongst its personal type. The apparent implication is that it inherits from its mother and father an inbuilt route map and direction-finding functionality, in addition to a psychological picture of what one other cuckoo appears like. But no one has the slightest thought as to how that is attainable.

E. Mounting proof has confirmed that birds use the positions of the solar and stars to acquire compass instructions. They appear additionally to have the ability to detect the earth’s magnetic discipline, most likely because of having minute crystals of magnetite within the area of their brains. Nevertheless, true navigation additionally requires an consciousness of place and time, particularly when misplaced. Experiments have proven that after being taken hundreds of miles over an unfamiliar landmass, birds are nonetheless able to returning quickly to nest websites. Such phenomenal powers are the product of computing plenty of refined cues, together with an inborn map of the night time sky and the pull of the earth’s magnetic discipline. How the birds use their ‘devices’ stays unknown, however one factor is evident: they see the world with a superior sensory notion to ours. Most small birds migrate at night time and take their route from the place of the setting solar. Nevertheless, in addition to seeing the solar go down, in addition they appear to see the aircraft of polarized gentle brought on by it, which calibrates their compass. Touring at night time supplies different advantages. Daytime predators are averted and the hazard of dehydration because of flying for lengthy intervals in heat, sunlit skies is decreased. Moreover, at night time the air is mostly cool and fewer turbulent and so conducive to sustained, steady flight.

F. However, all journeys contain appreciable threat, and a part of the talent in arriving safely is setting off on the proper time. This implies correct climate forecasting, and using favorable winds. Birds are adept at each, and, in laboratory checks, some have been proven to detect the minute distinction in barometric strain between the ground and ceiling of a room. Typically birds react to climate modifications earlier than there’s any seen signal of them. Lapwings, which feed on grassland, flee west from the Netherlands to the British Isles, France and Spain on the onset of a chilly snap. When the bottom floor freezes the birds might starve. But they return to Holland forward of a thaw, their arrival linked to a strain change presaging an enchancment within the climate.

G. ln one occasion a Welsh Manx shearwater carried to America and launched was again in its burrow on Skokholm Island, off the Pembrokeshire coast, someday earlier than a letter asserting its launch! Conversely, every autumn a small variety of North American birds are blown throughout the Atlantic by fast-moving westerly tail winds. Not solely do they arrive safely in Europe, however, primarily based on ringing proof, some make it again to North America the next spring, after most likely spending the winter with European migrants in sunny African climes.

Questions 21-22

Select TWO letters, A-E. Write the proper letters in your reply sheet Which TWO of the next statements are true of hen migration?

A. Birds usually fly additional than they should.

B. Birds touring in household teams are protected.

C. Birds flying at night time want much less water.

D. Birds have a lot sharper eye-sight than people.

E. Solely shorebirds are immune to robust winds.

Query 23-26

Full the sentences under utilizing NO MORE THAN ONE WORD OR NUMBER from the passage. Write your solutions in your reply sheet

23 It’s a nice thriller that younger birds like cuckoos can discover their wintering grounds with out………….

24 Proof reveals birds can inform instructions like a………… observing the solar and the celebrities.

25 One benefit for birds flying at night time is that they’ll keep away from contact with

26 Laboratory checks present that birds can detect climate with out……………..indicators.


14. IV

15. V

16. II

17. X

18. VII

19. I

20. VIII

21. A

22. C





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