IELTS Band 9 Talking Half 1 Solutions with Audio – Subject: Drinking Water

IELTS Talking Half 1 Subject: Ingesting Water

1. How usually do you drink water?

Properly, on a regular basis after all! Staying hydrated is a precedence for me since I simply get a headache if I don’t, to not point out my weight reduction targets. Ingesting sufficient water is important for our well being.

9.2. What sorts of water do you wish to drink?

All completely different varieties; I’m not too choosy (selective)! I both drink faucet water that I put in a Brita filter or bottled water occasionally. I often put water in my refillable water bottle and carry it round me with me all day.

9.3. Do you drink bottled water or water from water machines?

Bottled water. Because the water in my nation is potable (drinkable), I often go for that with a filter to enhance the flavour. If this isn’t out there to me, I purchase a bottle of water, though I favor to not due to my environmental considerations


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